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Core Aeration

With core aeration we use a machine to press out small plugs of soil from your lawn. Most aerators press out plugs in the 2" to 3" range. Pressing plugs from a lawn allows air, water, and nutrients into the root zone of the grass. When your grass areas become extremely compacted, grass tends to grow very slowly and does not thicken adequately.

Time Frame for Aeration

Most lawns should be aerated once per growing season or late in the Fall. We do not recommend aerating in the hot summer months.


Overseeding is the spreading of grass seed into your lawn. Grass seed can be thrown by hand or by using a spreader. With overseeding you'll get a thicker, fuller lawn that will be much more resistant to disease, insects, foot & animal traffic, and drought. Overseeding also tends to reduce the amount of fertilizer, water and pesticides you need for a healthy lawn.

When to Overseed

The best time to overseed is usually in the fall. Combining two treatments, core aeration and overseeding, is a great idea in the fall months. Read more...

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