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San Diego, CA 92166

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Down Under Services Reviews Screened and Approved
Lawn & Garden Care
in San Diego

"Vic and I just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for improving our irrigation. We know you went above and beyond to get the job right, and we're jazzed at the prospect of a healthy, green lawn, and of saving water in the process. I can tell you know firsthand how much we all labor to buy, keep, maintain and improve our homes. I don't know much about lawns and sprinklers, but you do, and I'm glad we are working with you.-David"

Down Under Services Testimonials

"Thank you for coming out to mow my lawn today. It was genuinely sweet of you to take the time to help me out. I really appreciate it and will be referring as much business as I can your way :-) Your positive karma just took a massive boost!!"
Down Under Services Testimonials

"Hopefully now the neighbors will stop gasping when they walk past my house! It was pretty bad, and uncharacteristic for me to let it get so out of control...
Best regards always, Christy"

Down Under Services Testimonials

"AWESOME job on the pepper tree, I love it! Thank you Warren and please pass on my appreciation to the person who did the work!
Sincerely, Linda"

Down Under Services Testimonials

"He did a great job Warren. Another ozzi regular - friendly, cheerful, super competent.


Down Under Services Testimonials

"Yes perfect thanks. They are the best crew ever. Attention to detail!"


Down Under Services Testimonials

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